Thursday, September 19, 2013

In the Stars - Book Review

My third women's fiction novel, In the Stars, is being released on November 12, 2013! Very exciting news for me and all you wonderful people who have read and enjoyed my previous two novels.

Here is the first pre-publication review of In the Stars. The review was written by Julie N. Ford, an author of many women's fiction and chick lit novels.

"What’s a woman to do when she has no boyfriend, no job, no foreseeable prospects, and so no money to speak of—essentially no definable future? She does what many of us do, and confuses the irrational with the rational. Desperate times compel desperate measures, and all that. Falling back on her deceased grandmother’s superstitious advice, Charlie surmises that all her troubles began when her college sweetheart dumped her. And since she doesn’t have work or a current relationship to fill her time, and against the advise of friends and family, she concocts a plan to win back this man’s heart.

For me, this novel started out on the verge of unbelievable. I mean, is it feasible that a smart, formally successful woman would arrive at the conclusion that her life, and future, will miraculously get back on track by reconnecting with the “one that got away”? But then, whom I am I to judge another person’s misguided assumptions? And when it came right down to it, I wasn’t far into the story before I was hooked, rendering Charlie’s motivations inconsequential. Truth be told, I was captivated by a sick fascination to discover what calamities this poor, confused woman would bring upon herself. And I wasn’t disappointed ;)

And to make this novel even more compelling, woven into Charlie’s injudicious path is the most endearing hero, Josh, and love-in-the-making story I simply couldn’t get enough of.

I’m a huge fan of Boyd’s writing. Her style is witty and fun, while possessing a smooth, seamless, quality. Essentially, melted Dove chocolate for the eyes. If you’re looking for a fun, light read, that is well-written and laugh-out-loud funny, with the most heartwarming ending, then this is the chick-lit novel for you."

For more about Julie N. Ford, you can visit her website:  Julie is an amazing author and I have read and enjoyed many of her novels.

You can find my first two novels, Tanned, Toned and Totally Faking It  and Iced Romance, on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble and many other bookstores near you! Tanned, Toned and Totally Faking It is the story of a celebtiry caught up in Hollywood life. However, as secrets come out and those close to her betray her, she realizes that fame isn't everything... especially when the truth about who she is threatens to destroy what matters most. Iced Romance is the story of a highly publicized scandal that sends Kennedy on the run... escaping to a brand new life while trying to hide from her past.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sabroso - a fab new Calgary restaurant!

We went to Sabroso (a new restaurant that opeed up on 16th Ave in Calgary recently) last night to celebrate my brother's bar call (yay, he is officially a liar...I mean, lawyer... now. Shifty eyes.) Seriously, though, it was a very exciting day for him and our family. We are all quite proud of him and to celebrate, we went to Sabroso.

John Gilchrist, a CBC food critic, rated Sabroso one of five restaurants to check out in the fall. And it is delicious, so I can see why he said to go there!

How to describe it... it's latin food, but not tacos and burritos. It's much more of a high class dining experience. There were grilled shrimp skewers and scallop/mango salsas for appetizers along with calamari and delicious potato wedges. All very tasty. Then for the main course, I went with a Vera Cruz snapper dish... the fish was cooked perfectly and was served with seasonal vegetables. Stephen had chicken with a really yummy rice and bean and corn salsa. Everyone at the table enjoyed their food... especially Jake, who gleefully made a mess, especially of the churros that we got for dessert. Churros are sort of a donut, only thinner and a bit crispier and served with chocolate sauce. Very yummy.

It's also very affordable. The dishes were from about $13 up to around $20 for the most expensive. Not bad at all for a high quality menu.

I love food. I was probably a very large, happy chef in a previous life, because food gives me a lot of joy. And this restaurant did not disappoint. Even the location isn't too bad... in my head I thought that 16th Ave would be an nightmare because of traffic and parking, but it wasn't that bad. There is parking behind the restaurant, and traffic wasn't even horrible.

So... next time you are in Calgary, check them out!

Oh - and did I mention? The owners are my sister-in-law's brothers. So good food, good people who run the place. Definitely worth your while. To check out the menu, visit and you can see for yourself.