About My Novels

My debut novel, Tanned, Toned and Totally Faking It was released in April 2012. My second novel, Iced Romance was released in November 2012.

Here is some info about Iced Romance!

Kennedy Carter has the perfect life. It includes an engagement to an NHL celebrity All-star, a
Vera Wang wedding dress, and more money than she could ever spend. But when she learns that her fiance Todd is cheating on her, she decides to leave the glamour and glitz behind.

She escapes to Orlando, Florida with a plan to rebuild her life while staying hidden from a country obsessed with celebrity scandals. The real world however, is tougher than she expected.Suddenly Kennedy has to deal with cockroaches, creepy alarm salesmen, and waiting tables... along with a gorgeous new love interest, David.

But what happens when the past refuses to stay hidden? When the truth of Kennedy’s background catches up to her, she must finally decide who she is, what she wants and where she
really belongs.

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Here's some info about Tanned!
MIKAYLA: Cute Canadian college girl turned world-famous, super- sexy pop-star practically overnight. And still figuring out if she belongs in this celebrity wonderland.
JORDAN: The only genuine guy in all of L.A. Law student, and extremely attractive. Also happens to hate the Hollywood celebrity scene.
MATT: Stupid, lying, money-loving ex-boyfriend trying to get back into Mikayla's life and ruin every hope she has with Jordan.
KURT: Personal trainer, confidant and only true friend Mikayla has in Hollywood. Questionable fashion sense included.
CHERYL: Completely psychotic manager.
The next three months? Happily ever after with Jordan. Or social and career ruin with no hope of ever finding true love . . . .

What people are saying about it...
"I loved this book from start to finish - couldn't put it down. Love the characters and the storyline! Can't wait for more from this author!" -AG
"I really loved this book. It was fun, witty and clean. I loved the ending. It was not the usual stereotype ending and I liked that. Looking forward to more from this author. I like how it was set in factual places and familiar names of celebrities were used." - Liza Jane
"Totally enjoyed this book. It is such and upbeat book and it gives you a good feeling. Thought it would be a predictable book, but the author kept making turns that kept me from putting the book down. I actually think it would make a good movie. Of course they always say the book is better. I am now anxiously awaiting Whitney Boyd's next publication." - Rondopop
"I truly enjoyed reading this book. It was fun, witty and had just the right amount of celebrity sightings! This book is definitely worth reading! Can't wait for the next Whitney Boyd novel!" - Jenn


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