Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Heather Blush Book Review - Tanned, Toned and Totally Faking It!

Hi everyone!! Another book review has come back in. Heather Blush is a Calgary-based singer/songwriter. According to her website, "Heather Blush and The Uppercuts are a trio of rogue troubadours who knock the socks off every new audience they meet. Their sound can be described as somewhere between the "Adult Alternative" styles of Sarah Slean and Sarah Harmer, and old "Ella/Louis-style" vocal jazz/blues. Heather’s voice is often compared to Norah Jones and Maria Muldaur. With energetic, audience-engaging shows, she is quickly becoming known for songwriting that covers all bases between witty sarcasm and gutwrenching honesty. With "Captain" Steve Hazlett on drums and recently a rotating cast of stellar upright bass players, this trio packs a punch and leaves a lasting impression."

Heather has a fantastic voice and I highly recommend you checking her and her music out online.

Since Heather is a singer/songwriter, she was the perfect person to review "Tanned, Toned and Totally FakingIt". Here are her thoughts:

“Tanned, Toned, and Totally Faking It” is an enjoyable romp through the enviable life of a pop princess. Mikayla “Mickey” Rivers is your average 20-year-old girl, full of teenage angst, at the difficult balancing point between childhood and adulthood, with one added challenge: she has transformed from college student to superstar overnight. Written in the words of Mikayla herself, the book reads as if you are hearing the story first hand over a soda in a trendy California café. Boyd teases us with the naïve voice of the young starlet, encouraging the reader to alternate empathy with the kind of finger-wagging judgment we all like to dish out for the famous when their all-too-public lives are broadcast into our daily info stream.

At the start of the book, Rivers is navigating the choppy waters of newfound fame: adjusting to a regimented diet and exercise program, resisting pressure to undergo cosmetic surgery, dealing with a demanding and self-centered manager (and former peer). She finds comfort in her friendship with her personal trainer and new best friend, Kurt, as well as her sister back home in Alberta. Things start to heat up when Mikayla meets Jordan, a charming law student at UCLA with a disdain for celebrities. Drawn in by the fact that he doesn’t recognize her as the superstar she is, Rivers begins to weave a web of deception in order to keep her stardom a secret from Jordan.

Filled with star-studded cameo appearances (David Letterman, Taylor Swift, Nick Lachey, Lindsay Lohan…) Boyd’s debut novel accurately portrays the unquenchable appetite of today’s celebrity-obsessed public.

If you’ve ever wanted to slip into Jessica Simpson’s life vicariously, this is the book for you! Recommended usage: slip this rags-to-riches fairytale for grownups into your beach bag between your sunscreen and the latest issue of People, and head for sandy shores!"

Heather Blush, singer/songwriter, Calgary, Alberta
November 1, 2011

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  1. Too cold lately to head for sandy shores, but this book sounds terrific. Great story.
    Thanks Heather, for this intuitive review.