Tuesday, March 20, 2012

X-Men: First Class review

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Star Wars. Then I moved on to Lord of the Rings and it became my favourite movie. I could watch them over and over. And throughout the years, I've had other movies become my obsessions... Freaky Friday, Miss Congeniality, Dodgeball, Zoolander. They were all movies I would watch over and over and never grow tired of them.

"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."

I now have another movie to add to that list. X-Men: First Class is awesome. I watched it in theaters with my husband, and I liked it alot. And then on Saturday night we had date night in our basement and saw it for the second time... and I still love it.
It starts out with Erik Lehnsherr (the future Magneto), in a concentration cmap in Poland in 1944. Dr. Shaw sees Erik unleash his magnetic, metal bending power when his mother is taken from him, and brings Erik to his office. He kills Erik's mother in an attempt to unleash the mutant ability further, which increases Erik's power over this gift. Meanwhile, in New York, Charles Xavier, the future Professor X, is living a much more lavish life. He meets the mutant Raven one night and invites her to live in his manor with him.

And so the story begins. We follow Erik as he hunts down the people responsible for his mother's death. And Xavier and Raven go on to university, where Xavier becomes an expert on mutation.

In 1962, the CIA agent Moira MacTaggert discovers the existence of mutants working with Shaw and the invites Professor Xavier to recruit mutants to work for the USA government. Xavier teams up with Raven, Erik and a group of young mutants. Sooner they learn that the evil Shaw has the intention of beginning a nuclear war to destroy the world and increase his power.

It is a pretty awesome movie. It has funny parts, parts that are moving and parts that are downright exciting. I loved it.

9.5/10 (they just had to throw in an F-bomb... sigh)

Great movie.


  1. Your right it is an excellent film, I like how it weaves in so well with the existing X-men films's. Shows they have stayed true to the original stories and concepts.

  2. Thanks for the great review. I am surprised you marked it down for staying true to the Wolverine character, that would have likely been his response in the comics as well. I just watched X-Men First Class in the Cinemax section of DISHOnline.com, my favorite streaming site. As a life long Marvel fan I found a lot of changes to the story that I didn’t like. Once I was able to silence my inner fanboy I found X-men First Class to be a very enjoyable film. I was talking about the movie with one of my DISH coworkers and we both agree that the acting was solid, the special effects were good and the action was exciting. I liked this movie for what it was, as long as I ignore the massive changes they made to the original story.

  3. Nice review of the movie :)

    Magneto is one of my favorite X Men characters and Michael Fassbender is one badass Magneto!

  4. I hated how Cyclops' character was played down in the trilogy, and was eventually killed off!