Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Love Unlisted - Book Review

Thanks everyone for taking part in the chick lit blog hop last week! I hope you had fun and found some new authors to read (cough, including me, cough). Ahem. Anyway, the winner of the ebook is Deb and I've emailed her with the details. Congrats, Deb! :)

Since it's still International Chick Lit Month, I've decided to write over the next week or so some book reviews of a few books I've been reading lately. Enjoy!

Love Unlisted by Stephanie Haddad. 4 stars out of 5
(You can get it as a free kindle ebook right now on Amazon, which is great too!)

Grace Shields is the pretty, slightly neurotic main character, a list maker whose life revolves entirely around what she writes down. Lists of her favorite Jackie Chan movies. Lists of her boyfriend’s Pros and Cons. Lists about her favorite places to get a pizza. Lists about her mother, lists about her best friend. It's a secret notebook, for her eyes only, and if people ever read the lists, she freaks.

Grace is struggling as a party-planner. You'd think with her millions of lists she'd be a shoe-in for event planner of the year or something, but she's not. She keeps making a mess of the different parties (fainting at one, catering with some questionable Italian goop for another, and falling in love with a guy who does NOT meet her list criteria at another).

This guy begins popping up everywhere. And he's not perfect. He's not the List Boyfriend with more Pros than Cons. And Grace doesn't really know how to deal with him.

It's a bit of a predictable book. Nothing kept me guessing, and I wasn't hooked from the beginning like I am with Sophie Kinsella books. However, it was a fun read. The characters were likeable and I could relate to most of them, having had the brutal boss at one point in my life, the wonderful best friend, the crazy relatives etc. It was clean, however, which I really liked, especially considering how huge the poorly written and fairly disgusting Fifty Shades of Grey books are right now.

I'd recommend it! :) Check it out and tell me what you think of it!

PS - Check out my novel Tanned, Toned and Totally Faking It, so far with five 5-star reviews on Amazon! People are calling it "fun, witty, clean" and they "love the ending". Another person "thought it would be a predictable book, but the author kept making turns that kept me from putting the book down." Share the word, because this is the month for fun chick lit, and Tanned fits the bill. :)

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