Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In the Stars released!

In the Stars, my third women's fiction novel, was released today! You can order it from Amazon or find it at a bookstore near you!

What's it about?

Charlotte ‘Charley’ Southard’s life has hit rock bottom. She is fired from her job at a top law firm in Calgary, she hasn’t had a lasting relationship in years and a recent incident with a declined credit card at the grocery store has just brought her over the edge.

Charley just knows that everything was better when she was with Drew, the popular football player she dated for two years back at university. All her troubles began when they broke up after graduation. So with the help of her best friends, Josh and Heather, Charley sets out to track down the old boyfriend from her past.

But what if Drew is married? What if he doesn’t remember her? And just how far will she have to go to find the love of her life? Not to mention, what if he’s not the Prince Charming she remembers?

In a fast trip to Victoria, British Columbia, Charley Southard discovers the truth about "the one that got away," along with realizing a few unexpected things about herself in the process.
It's a great book, getting awesome reviews so far and I really hope you read it and tell your friends! Here's what some people are saying:
"I truly enjoyed this book and hope it does well. Whitney Boyd is a talented writer with a gift of making the unbelievable come to life. She has a confident style and you fall easily into her expert storytelling." - Amy Saia
"This was the third book by Whitney Boyd I've read and it is my favourite! So funny, thoughtful and entertaining, it made me laugh out loud and at the end I even cried. This is a romantic comedy I would recommend to everyone! The one that got away is such a relevant theme... every woman out there needs to read this! " - DJK
"I'm a huge fan of Boyd's writing. Her style is witty and fun, while possessing a smooth, seamless, quality. Essentially, melted Dove chocolate for the eyes. If you're looking for a fun, light read, that is well-written and laugh-out-loud funny, with a most heartwarming ending, then this is the chick-lit novel for you." - Julie Ford
"Love this book!!!! The story was so relateable... fate and destiny and trying to correct the past. I liked how real Charley was, esoecially how she changed and grew. And I absolutely loved the ending. Beautiful and perfect!" - Wendy James
Finally, just a small note about this. The kindle version was released a week ago but for some reason there was an issue with the format on Amazon and only about 2/3 of the book downloaded. Amazon has since fixed this problem, but anyone who read this book right when it came out would have found that it cut off abruptly. Please note that this issue is fixed and that Amazon has placed a corrected version on your kindle devices. Sorry for this inconvenience!
So... spread the word! Tell a friend, buy a Christmas gift (it gets free shipping on Amazon!) and help me get the word out! Love you all!

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