Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Host - Book Review

I enjoyed the Twilight books... honestly have not watched a single Twilight movie, but quite enjoyed the books. And, The Host, also by Stephanie Meyer, had a similar level of enjoyablility to it.
The Host deals with an alien invasion on earth, but not your typical green-skinned, area 51 aliens. These ones, known as "Souls", take over a human body, attaching themselves to the brain stem. The entire planet has been taken over by these Souls, with the exception of a few surviving humans who have formed a sort of resistance.

The novel begins with us learning about Wanderer (aka Wanda), a Soul who is finding that her human body is putting up a bit of a fight. Melanie Stryder was one of the few remaining humans left when she was captured and Wanderer placed in her brain. Now, Melanie is fighting back, occasionally gaining control of her body, persuading Wanderer to do the right thing.

Together, Melanie and Wanderer end up fleeing to the human resistance outpost in the mountains, where, among suspicion and jealousy, they eventually make a home.

In true Twilight fashion, there is love and forbidden love (Melanie's one true love Jared is in the mountains, but he is upset at the possibility that Melanie might be lost forever. Also, Wanderer falls in love with a human, Ian, and is faced with the problem that if she ever relinquishes Melanie's body, she will not be able to be with Ian ever again.)

The humans learn how they can finally defeat the Souls, and little by little, a plan comes together, and the Soul's history is revealed.

Overall, The Host is an excellent book. It is science-fiction-y without being overly nerdy, although, in that same vein, I doubt it would appeal to those who actually care about the intricities of science. There is also romance, betrayal and friendship, enough to make it an enjoyable book for almost everyone.

Plus it made my he-man rock father cry. lol

I definitely recommend it. :)

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