Thursday, May 26, 2011

Something Borrowed - Movie Review

Something Borrowed came out a few weeks ago, starring Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin and a new face to me, Colin Egglesfield (who seriously looks like he could be Tom Cruise's love child). The movie is based loosely on the novel by Emily Griffin.

Rachel (Goodwin) has been in love with Dex (Egglesfield) since they went to law school together. However, she has always felt that she wasn't good enough, or attractive enough, for him. So, when her best friend Darcy (Hudson) goes after him, Rachel fades into the background. Now, Darcy and Dex are engaged and getting married in a few months. Rachel is still in love with Dex, but puts on the best friend face and tries to get past it. And that works for a while until, one night after drinking too much, Dex and Rachel end up sleeping together. At first Rachel feels horribly guilty, but the affair continues and Dex admits that he has always loved Rachel.

Rachel's best guy friend, Ethan (John Krasinski aka Jim from the Office), finds out and tells Rachel to stop. She's not that kind of person. Eventually Rachel tells Dex that he has to choose between her and Darcy... he can't keep on having both and never making any decision one way or the other.

I am undecided about the movie. In a way, it was really fun.... alot of funny lines, Kate Hudson is an amazing actress, even when she is protrayed as the spoiled-rich-party-girl-villian, and I was kept guessing the entire movie as to what the ending would be. It was a tossup between if Rachel or Darcy got the guy.

However, the premise of it was a little uncomfortable for me. I do not condone cheating/affairs. Ever. Period. It is never cool. Get divorced, break up, whatever, THEN go after the new boy/girl. It's not OK when you are in a relationship. Especially when the person having the affair with your man is your BFF. As likeable as Rachel was, I couldn't get passed that she was a lying cheater. Same with Dex. And, yes, Darcy ended up being a cheater too, but still... she cheated after the others did. The characters all together were very disconcerting... a mixup between liking and disliking them. Even Darcy, the supposed villian, was more likeable than Rachel and Dex most of the time.

I'll give it a 7/10... although, truthfully, the rating may only be this high because I haven't seen a chick flick in a loooooong time, thanks to my wonderful husband who likes tough comic-book, he-man movies. LOL

Did anyone else see it? What did you think?

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  1. I thought the same thing after reading the book, sure Rachel is sweet, but she is a cheater!!!! I like your movie review here is another blog I used to follow with hilarious movie reviews, you might like it when you have a free minute