Monday, August 29, 2011

Hollywood-centric #1 - Jennifer Aniston

The latest news from is that Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend of about eight months or so have moved in together. His name is Justin Theroux and they met while filming 'Wanderlust', a new movie due out... soon. Not sure when. **Update... a quick google search shows that it is scheduled for release on October 7** Anyway, back to Jen and her boytoy. They are living in a 2-bedroom rental in the Hollywood Hills until they find a permanent place. They look cute together and I'm all for them to get married and live happily ever after. She deserves it. I'm impressed that they are 'downsizing' though. A two-bedroom place seems much smaller and more normal than her last home. Jennifer recently sold her massive mansion in Beverly Hills for $38 million, which is more money than the majority of people alive will make during their entire lives. Wow. If you've seen pictures of it, it kind of looks like a mini-resort and spa. Hopefully she doesn't miss it.

So I figured it was appropriate to begin my Hollywood blog posts with Jennifer Aniston. She's such a huge figure in Hollywood, has been on more covers and headlines than almost anyone, and, whether it's love or hate, her name usually brings strong feelings from people. Some people criticise her for playing the victim card too much after Brad Pitt's cheating butt ended up with Angelina Jolie and a boatload of children. And some people think she is 2-dimentional in her acting skills, always playing the same part. And other people think she's amazing. They love her for her down to earth nature, for how friendly she is with fans and for how much dignity she displayed after the aforementioned 'husband is a cheating man-tramp' thing.

For me, I think she's pretty great. I still watch Friends reruns when there is nothing else on, and Jennifer, in my opinion, really carried Friends. Her latest movie with Adam Sandler, 'Just Go With It', is the funniest movie I've seen in a while. Yeah, yeah, it got poor reviews (most Adam Sandler movies do), but it had me laughing so hard a few times in there that I thought I might actually pee myself.

Jennifer Aniston is awesome. Enough said on that.

For those of you who are curious about her, she was born on February 11, 1969 in Sherman Oaks, California. Her dad, John Aniston, was a soap actor on 'Days of Our Lives' and so she pretty much was born with acting in her blood. Her first acting role was in 1993 in 'Leprechaun', a film that I have never seen, actually. Apparently it has quite a cult following from it, but overall the film kind of tanked. So Jen was back to waiting tables. But then just a short while later, she auditioned for Friends and that was her break. She became 'Rachel Green' and her hair became the envy of every woman in America. And Canada. And the UK. Everyone wanted her hair. And that hasn't really changed either. People still want to look like her. She wins best hair award, hands down. Anyhoo, Friends was extremely successful, ran for 10 seasons, made Jen win an Emmy and by the last few seasons, she, along with the other 5 main actors, were making a million dollars each per episode. Impressive. In 2000 she married Brad Pitt. In 2004 they split up. And broke everyone's hearts at the end of the 'golden couple'. Since then, she's bounced around with a few boyfriends, but nothing too serious until now with Justin Theroux. So congrats to her.

Don't know much about him... except that even a half dead monkey would be a step up from past-boyfriend John Mayer, so whoever Justin is, yay for Jen in upgrading!

Anyway, that's Jennifer in a nutshell. Until next time, happy Hollywooding!

Peace out!

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