Friday, May 3, 2013

American Idol Judge Suggestions...

So the ratings for American Idol keep slipping. It is nowhere near the show it once was, despite many diehard fans hanging on, hoping for redemption. I liked this show a lot once upon a time. It was my date every Wednesday and Thursday night. But now? I watch a bit and occasionally read articles about it. I am not invested in the show anymore, sadly.

The judges have made it painful. I know, I know, this show isn't all about the judges, right? It's about the singers and their personalities. Actually, no, not for me. The judges back in the day were great. Simon and Paula had chemistry and even when they disagreed with each other, it was small and cute and funny and they got back to business. Simon also was truthful. He didn't mince words. He was honest and said what the audience was thinking. Randy was fresh... he didn't just repeat himself over and over. And it was mainly about the singers.

Remember Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson? And Kellie Pickler, who always made me laugh? And Chris Daughtry who had the good looking guy appeal, a ridiculous voice and the edge of being a unique rock genre? Mandisa, who could actually sing Whitney Houston?
You miss me. Admit it.
They were all singers who I connected with. Even annoying ones to me, like Katherine McPhee and Taylor Hicks were still fun.

But now? They focus way too much on the judges.

Keith Urban is good. He is the no nonsense type guy who says what he thinks, is kind, and you can tell he loves the music. He sways and sings along and always gives good feedback.

The other three? I'll pass. Mariah and Nicki are too obsessed with themselves, how they look, how their hair is, and what accent they are going to use and what nicknames they will call the contestants. They are shock factor... looking for drama to up the ratings. Watching them constantly roll their eyes when the other speaks? Not cool. Not professional. It's gotten to the point where even though they occasionally have good suggestions and input for the contestants, they are so all over the place that it's hard to listen. And as for Randy... he's saying the same thing he was a decade ago. Bland. Boring.
OK, why don't people take me seriously?
So here is my suggestion. Go back to having 3 judges. A panel of 4 is too many. Leave Keith because he knows what he's talking about but replace the others. Pink would be an awesome judge. She's been around since I was a teenager... a young teenager... and her music is amazing. She has an incredible voice, her personal life (while having the occasional rocky moment) is pretty stable, and she is a decent role model. She also does not beat around the bush and says what needs to be said. Check out any interview with her if you don't believe me. The last judge I think would be great is Ben Folds, the judge on The Sing Off. He is a singer/songwriter and record producer and really knows his music. He knows what is marketable and he is kind yet truthful. These three would be great.
 I am pretty awesome, huh.
And then? Focus on the singers. Give us guys and girls to root for. Tell us their stories. Choose contemporary theme nights that we can relate to and update the music lists of allowable songs so we aren't hearing the same song every single season.

And that is how American Idol can be great again.

You're welcome. :)

What do you guys think? Do you have any great judges you'd like to see on the panel? Do you miss the Idol  old days?


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