Friday, May 31, 2013

Greatest Kids Songs Ever? Check out Patty Shukla

My little one year old loves music. He bobs along to it, dances like a total frat boy, and giggles. Now, as I have learned over the past few months, not all children's music is created equal.

There are songs that are so annoying you want to pull your ears out.

There are 'entertainers' who dumb down the songs and talk in such baby high voices you can feel your child lose IQ points as you go.

There are cartoons with grainy, boring characters.

There are songs that you learn with, and songs that you don't.

Jake is very particular. If he doesn't like a song (which happens more frequently than you might think), he gets very angry. He throws his head back, sobbing, as if the world was about to end. This is why I have to share what I have found to be the greatest kid songs ever.
Sign Language Short Phrases - Patty Shukla: Clip 2:18 - In this video ...
Patty Shukla (with a channel on youtube and a website to check out if you are interested) is amazing. Her songs are a mix of kids jumping and playing and acting out the words and cartoons. The music is upbeat and educational. She also encourages kids to get off their butts and move! This is huge in today's world of videogames and iPads. Songs like "Twist", "I Can Do It!" and "Follow Me" make my little man run in circles and get his little baby exercise that he needs. Songs like "Grandma's House" and "Puppy" are cartoons and Jakey loves watching them when he's tired.

I recently learned that Patty has practically a whole empire... not just a few songs on youtube. She does Mommy and Baby music time popcasts, Music Time for older children and all kinds of things to help encourage love of music in little people. She also does sign language songs to help them learn ASL.

I love it.

My only complaint? How bloody addictive her songs. They WILL be stuck in your head all day! :) But definitely check her out on youtube and maybe even get a CD or two if you like her. She's worth it, as my baby will attest.

Thank you for many happy afternoons, Patty!  Now if only you made a song about balls... and Jake's life would be complete. :P

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  2. Our daughter is also picky about her music. We found Patty Shukla on You Tube as well! Same age, my daughter fell in love with the elephant song. Our daughter is almost two now and she still loves Patty. Check out kidstv123 channel on you tube also.