Monday, July 15, 2013

Book Review - Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

For my birthday I was given the newest Sophie Kinsella book, Wedding Night, and I was really excited. I love this author. However, I found this particular novel to be a huge disappointment. While a moderately interesting storyline, there were no laugh out loud moments like I usually have with her books and the characters all were so shallow I didn’t care much for any of them. No one experienced growth, no one was “likeable yet ditzy” like many of her characters are. They were merely dumb or rude or a combination. Anyway, here’s what it’s about.

Lottie: the main character, thinks she is getting proposed to by her longtime boyfriend Richard, but when he doesn’t pop the question she breaks up with him. She then runs off with an ex she hasn’t seen in years and elopes with him.

Fliss: the sister. Older, wiser, bitter from her own divorce, she tries hard to not get Lottie to elope. When Lottie does anyway, Fliss decides to sabotage the wedding night (because if they don’t consummate the marriage, they can get an annulment and won’t have to go through a messy divorce like she did).
Ben: Lottie’s very immature ex who shows up out of nowhere. Handsome, charming, rich. Lottie and Ben had a fabulous summer together years earlier when they were 18 and now want to get the magic back.
So that’s the gist of it. There are a few other characters thrown in, some mildly funny moments, but that’s about it.
My other complaint about the book was the language. Usually Kinsella has a few swears thrown in throughout, but this one had a lot. And they weren’t mild ones either, if that makes sense. I don’t mind d--- and s--- but the f word always makes me uncomfortable. And it was there. Many, many times.
So… do I recommend this book? Not really. It’s not horrible. It’s not amazing. It’s just somewhat meh in between. I’d give it probably 2.5 or 3 stars out of 5 simply because I really like Sophie Kinsella as an author. This book, not so much. But I definitely do recommend her last book before this one, I’ve Got Your Number. If you want a hilarious and truly enjoyable book, that is the one for you. J
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