Monday, October 28, 2013

Final pre-publication review of IN THE STARS

So the final pre-publication review of IN THE STARS has come in... and this one made me very happy! It is by Angela Trusty, the 'Ask Angela' columnist for Washington Times and Deseret News. You can follow Angela and her hilarious slash heartfelt advice on Twitter or Facebook and you can read her blog here.

And she has cool hair... and facial expressions...

And now... drum roll, please... here is the review!

"Another excellent book by Whitney Boyd. One of the reasons In the Stars is so entertaining is because Boyd captures her main character's plight so well. Who hasn't chased after a guy? Who hasn't thought, "oops...maybe I missed my chance at happiness with this past man? Better go back and get him!" And yet literature never seems to get it quite right! The pain, the desperation the heartache and the self discovery of it all. What story can wrap all of those deep - and sometimes (in hindsight) humorous - feelings into one book?

"Where others have failed In the Stars succeeds. Through every bump in Charley Southards journey I wanted to shout, "I've been there!" or "I've felt this!" she is just such a relatable character and her honesty and vulnerability along with Boyd humor make this such an excellent read! I suggest anyone who has ever sought after true and lasting love read this book. You'll love it!" - Angela Trusty
Thank you, Angela! Hopefully you will check out her great advice columns. You will thank me. Anyway, In the Stars  will be released in print on November 12 and is currently available at an ebook pre-release bargain on Amazon. Only costs a couple dollars... so check it out and let me know what you think!
Have a lovely day, all!

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